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Jul 31, 2019

We’re talking to Candice Adams about her journey to creating Chic Geeks, a store that specializes in Macbook cases for girl bosses. Fun fact, I first found out about Candice when I was looking for a case for my laptop, but wanted something modern.  I love it It’s super cute, super durable, and easy to use.  


Jul 25, 2019

Imagine deciding on the life you want, and then adjusting everything else to fit around it.  Goals, right? That’s exactly what world traveler and go-getter Jessica Nabongo did. Jessica is on a mission to visit all 195 UN countries, and she’s almost DONE!  At the time we recorded, she had about 25 countries left, now...

Jul 16, 2019

Atiyah McDaniels dropped out of college three times. The first time, she went for fashion designing. The second time, she went for business.  The third time, she went for communications. It just wasn’t for her.  


Literally 2 months after dropping out the last time, she had already started her hair business. People...

Jul 5, 2019

Today we have the queen of crushing goals back on the show! L’areal Lipkins, founder of Vision Boards Over Brunch is back to talk about her journey writing her first book in 21 days. L’areal is dropping gems this entire episode


She sharing the raw truth about how she wasn’t connecting with what she was writing...