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Feb 4, 2020

If you’re waiting for a sign to stop running away from your real purpose, this is it!  

We’re talking to Tina Fears who tells us the story about how she kept running away from her creative side and toward stability.   This didn’t last long because her purpose kept pulling her back in. She ultimately started her company Stage Ready after leaving college. Stage ready ended up being a full-service base for creatives. 

If you know you’re meant to do something different, listen to this episode and use it as the fuel you need to go after your purpose, fearlessly. 


Here’s what we talk about: 

  • How her upbringing helped her become who she is today
  • How having parents as entrepreneurs actually motivated Tina to do the opposite 
  • The ups and downs of being an entrepreneur and how to persevere
  • How working a 9 to 5 is actually smart when starting out as an entrepreneur


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